Labeling Products

Labeling products is vital to the understanding and overall health of the consumer.  When it comes to label printing in Hickory, there needs to be a clear understanding of the process and why it is done.  For many products, the labels are printed on the back in a large white box.  However, there may be times when different practices are employed to get the message across.

Understand the guidelines

Each product will have a specific set of guidelines when it comes to labels.  These are set down by the product consumer boards and other higher powers that ensure that items are safe for consumer use.  Before you can go and have a label placed on a product it must be approved by one of these organizations.

Make your labels clear

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You want to have all of your information organized and in a logical order.  You want to have the most important information at the top of the label and anything else printed in descending order of importance.  If you try to cram in a lot of information you may want to break it up into separate sections on the product with again, the most important information presented in the most obvious places.

Check spelling and accuracy

It is important that spelling, numbers and other details are accurate.  If there is a misprint or if something is unclear that the label is useless and could in fact be dangerous.  An example of this would be the dosage of a medicine or a specific age group or weight class.  The last thing you want to have happen is someone do something dangerous because of a simple error.

Don’t hide your labels

Labels may look odd or take away from the flashy graphics and selling points of a product.  However, safety and consumer education is the key.  Make sure you don’t hide your labels and also include contact information if there is a need for more information.